We offer a variety of cakes ranging from your basic tortes, sheet cakes, cheesecakes, birthday cakes and wedding cakes

Tortes and Cheesecakes

We offer a very wide range of cakes, pies and cheesecakes. If you have a favourite ask us and we will be happy to make it. Here are just a few ideas. 


-Drumstick:  a New York style cheesecake with swirls of caramel and peanuts,  piled with "ice cream" whipped cream, covered in chocolate ganache. 

-Unbaked Triple Chocolate: Bailey's, Irish cream cheesecake with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate layers, covered in a layer of Bailey's chocolate ganache.

-Unbaked Lemon and Berry:  light and refreshing creamy lemon and white chocolate cheesecake topped with fresh berries. 

-Honey and Lavender Goat's Cheese Cheesecake: A take on a classic. Baked cheesecake where the Chevre takes the place of the cream cheese, Honey replaces the sugar and Lavender buds to balance it out. 


-Flourless Chocolate Cake:  A favourite of all chocolate lovers!! A rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate Ganache and kissed with sea salt. Served with raspberry sauce for the perfect balance.

-Fresh Mint and Vanilla Sponge Cake:  A light sponge cake filled with lemon curd, freshly whipped cream and seasonal berries.

-Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cake:  Chocolate cake with a thick layer of peanut butter cup filling, covered in creamy peanut butter icing and topped with chocolate ganache.

-Mocha Cookie Cake:  Thin large chocolate cookies filled with real mocha cream covered in a rich mocha chocolate.

-Red Velvet Cheesecake Torte: Red velvet cake layered with baked cheesecake and covered in cream cheese icing.

Wedding and Birthday

Custom created birthday cakes and wedding cakes. We believe they should taste as amazing as they look! Ask about our custom cakes.