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A Little Bit About Who We Are And Why We Do What We Do

Loaf and Honey is owned and operated by Chef Dustin Peltier.  

Dustin Peltier has 21 years of experience in kitchens, being self taught. He grew up on a farm and remembers the days he had a salt and pepper shaker beside the garden, pulling the veggies out of the earth brushing them on his pants and enjoying the flavors. Heading into the city at 18, he started baking for Salisbury House and fell in love with the kitchen. From there he worked at a few restaurants around the city with the Winnipeg winter club being a highlight. Here he spent a year learning new techniques and skills. At the young age of 25 he started to manage kitchens and found the challenges of the job to be extremely rewarding. He got asked by a friend to open a new restaurant with him and loved being able to play with menus and started to source out local suppliers and farmers for products. From there he started to manage the catering/restaurant side of a local company and got to play even more with local ingredients. He then accepted a job at Chew as the sous chef and learnt a lot of new and exciting dishes.  Then got an offer he could not resist from Prairie 360.  

Dustin created Loaf and Honey to chase my true passions. I want to connect people with real food in a new way and get people to come back to the days where they knew where the food they were eating was coming from. Every dish has a story. Visiting the farms and getting my hands dirty when I can. I want to amaze you with the flavors that can come from the ingredients around you and transform them for you in new ways. 

Together with Dustin's Parents, they have began the new venture of taking on the cheese made by the Abbaye des Prairies Monestary in Holland Manitoba. It is a 60 day aged semi hard raw milk cheese that is hand washed and cared for everyday. They source their milk from a single family owned and operated local dairy. 

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