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Loaf and Honey Creamery

Loaf and Honey has spent a year being mentored by Brother Alberic a monk from the Monastery by Holland Manitoba. Brother Alberic makes a cheese in the Monastic style, this cheese, it’s recipe and method date back to the 1700’s. The Monastic cheese has been made in Manitoba since 1918 and Brother Alberic has been making the cheese since the 1940’s. We will carry on this cheese in it's traditional method keeping it true to Brother Alberic's cheese. Our cheese is a low heat pasteurized cow's milk cheese that is hand washed daily and aged for 60 days. We look forward to sharing this cheese with you.

Loaf and Honey is also making small batch fresh whipped Ricotta's available in Plain, Lemon Dill, Herb and Garlic or Honey Jalapeno. 

To Purchase the cheese it can be found in Manitoba at 
The Bothwell store St.Boniface Winnipeg, Black Market Provisions, St. Leon's market Winnipeg, Natures Farm Steinbach, Stoney Brook Creamery.  
Or on line through Fireweed Food co-op.
Contact us directly for larger orders. Links are at the bottom of the page

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