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Testimonial from Minna Rose Chung and Kent Fast:


I was introduced to Loaf+Honey as a referral two weeks before a very high profile, but exclusive fundraiser in a private home.  Not being familiar with the process, I was able to talk with both Dustin and Rachel over the phone the same day I made contact over Facebook.

Immediately, Dustin and Rachel were able to talk me through the process and ask pertinent questions. I offered them carte blanche, as I really had no idea aside from wanting dark chocolate as a dessert. Loaf+Honey delivered a smorgasbord of incredibly unique and flavorful pairings of six appetizers (dietary restrictions in mind - even though I didn't ask the guests specifically) and six scrumptious desserts, all paired with delicious red and white wine.


Giving away the last lamb kafta on pita bread will be one of my greatest food regrets.


Throughout the three-hour event, the food was praised and guests continue to ask me how I found these newly established caterers! I must say, they made the evening incredible! Everyone was in a wonderful mood, no doubt from the music but also the artistically prepared food! To cap off this amazing experience, when the invoice arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that my budget offered came in lower than expected - the service and generosity they provided for my fundraiser was quite humbling.


We will be using them, exclusively, from this day forward!


Dr. Minna Chung and Kenton Fast, LLP

May 28, 2017    

Testimonial From Barabra-Anne Hodge:

We hired Loaf and Honey to cater a special brunch for the morning following our son’s wedding; it also happened to be Thanksgiving Day.  We had planned an appropriate menu several months earlier, which included hot items like bacon, sausages, home-made hash browns, 2 kinds of quiches, and french toast bites, as well as cold items including home-made scones and mini-muffins served with jams, devilled eggs, yogurt and granola parfaits and fruit and vegetable trays.  They arrived at our home and within 45 minutes, the dining room table was beautifully laden with an amazing feast!  Our guests were thrilled; all the food was delicious and clearly homemade, right down to the dips and jams.  We had a few guests with special dietary requirements who could eat without worry, thanks to the careful food planning and handling by Rachel and Dustin. They are both very professional and gave great attention to the details.  They also made sure everything was clean before they left, which I greatly appreciated.  Their delicious food and their efforts far exceeded my expectations - thanks so much for helping us to celebrate!  


-Barbara-Anne Hodge

Testimonial From Mamingwey Burn Fund:

Our charity holds an annual fund raising event, a timed 5K and 10K run and 3K walk, called Go For the Burn.  This event is held every spring, so it is usually quite cool outside and we want to make sure our participants and volunteers are well fed once the run is done.  Loaf and Honey provide a delicious hot breakfast for 350 people in a tent in the park, so things are a bit more complicated than the average home catering!  They make the best vegetarian bean, egg and cheese wraps, which are always served piping hot, as well as providing hot drinks and fruit for everyone.  Many of our participants come back year and year because of the food!  Thanks Dustin and Rachel, for all your hard work.  Your professionalism is greatly appreciated!


-Mamingwey Burn Survivor Society, a Division of the Firefighters’ Burn Fund Inc.

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